Infinity TS-260C7 Profile Engine

Body without lens
€ 2,259.-
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Delivers the performance of a 750W Tungsten Halogen unit
260W Lumiled 7 colour LED engine using custom designed array
CRI > 96 Consistently on full CCT range
LED Colour Linearity Compensation
LED Colour Temperature Drift Compensation (on all LEDs)
Being able to produce perfectly calibrated colours by using a 7 colour Lumiled LED engine is the big advantage of the TS-260C7 Profile engine. Infinity combined 64 of the most used theatrical colours into a built-in virtual stroller. Add to this a CRI value which is consistently higher than 96 over the entire CCT range and the TS-260C7 becomes a formidable addition to any application where different moods in a high quality of light are needed. Equipped with 7 different DMX modes finding the right operation modus is no issue.

Product code 200010

EAN 8717748425744


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