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Infinity Chimp Tour Pack

Chimp 100 with Wing and flightcase
Discontinued product
Infinity® 'Chimp' Moving Light Controller

Infinity® Chimp Light Controller: the best in user-friendly design.
Based on the industry standard programming syntax with encoders and hard keys, these compact controllers provide access to familiar, easy-to-use screens(*) that make it easy to program your shows.
No matter what you want to use the Chimp Light Controller for - touring, rental, theatre, universal venues, schools or churches - it gives you all the tools you need.
Intelligent, in-house developed software, industry standard syntax and user-friendly screens: with the Chimp Light Controller you can program your shows in minutes.
Infinity®: The perfect, affordable solution for all professional lighting needs
(*) Up to two external touch screens can be connected to the Chimp 100. The Chimp 300 already has a 22" Full-HD touch screen and offers the possibility to connect an additional touch screen.

- 4 encoders - Familiar keys and numeric keys - colour selection - Lee, Rosco and Apollo filter libraries - Gobo selection - Customizable groups - Customizable presets - Effects engine - Fan function - Integrated fixture library

- 10 multi-page controls - Go and pause/reverse buttons - 10 multi-page activation buttons - 4 user-definable master controls - Cue list screen

Especially for on-the-road purposes: the Chimp 100 Tourpack. A ready-to-go complete system incorporating one Chimp 100 unit with Banana-wing, that offers 200 patchable fixtures over 4 physical DMX universes. Two Iiyama T2252MSC-B1 touchscreens have been added as well. Dedicated dustcovers for the Chimp 100 and Banana are also incorporated and the entire setup is ready for transport, due to the Chimp Tourpack flightcase.
Chimp 100 + Wing Features
Familiar keys, numeric keypad and 4 Encoders
30 Playback faders with Go, Pause/Reverse, Flash keys on multiple pages
30 Executer/Flash keys on multiple pages
Color picker, Swatchbook by Lee, Rosco and Apollo Filters
Gobo Picker
User definable groups and presets
User definable display layout
User definable master faders
Effects engine
Fan functions on all attributes
Altabase Fixture library and Fixture builder
Chimp 100 + Wing Connectors
4 x DMX 5-pin opto-isolated in/outs (RDM ready)
2x HDMI monitor out
Midi In/Thru/Out 5-pin DIN
Audio Input 3-pin XLR
IEC Power Supply Input
2 x Dimmable Desklight outputs 3-pin XLR
4 x USB-A connectors
Chimp 100 + Wing Software
4 universe 2048 channels DMX
Unlimited Fixtures
5000 memories
200 memory stacks
100 groups
9 x 100 presets (position, color, beam, gobo's, etc.)
Command line interface
Output visualizer
Libraries provided by AtlaBase Ltd (> 15.000 fixtures)
Tracking and non-tracking options
Flightcase Dimensions
Dimensions1290 x 630 x 320mm

CHIMP Tutorial playlist

Product code55030

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