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DMT Pixelmesh E12.5

1200 nits - SMD3528 LED
DMT’s Pixelmesh E12.5 SMD is our economical expansion of the successful DMT Pixelmesh P14,4 series. It combines high transparency with a very flexible rigging system which allows for curved shapes with the panels. Equipped with almost the same angling system as our P14,4, it’s possible to adjust every panel horizontally in five different angle positions (15°,7.5°,0°,-7.5°,-15°).The screen is designed with a super lightweight frame. Well suited for permanent installations. This gives you a nearly unlimited freedom to build your screen in any shape. The Pixelmesh E12.5 SMD is the ideal indoor high resolution solution with a very high value for money content. The Pixelmesh E12.5 SMD is the right indoor tool for the most demanding and creative visual designer.
  • 5 different angle positions
  • Very service friendly
  • Lightweight only 6Kg
  • Ideal size ratio for creative set-ups
R.R.P. € 415.- Subtotal ex. vat
LED lightsourceSMD3528 RGB white frame
Luminance1200 Nits
Refresh rateVariable <1000Hz
Cabinet area0,32m2
Cabinet ratio1:2
Pixels per cabinet32 x 64
Pixel density6400 pixels/m2
Pixel pitch12mm
Viewing angle (HxV)140° x 140°
Control systemLINSN LED Studio
Input Voltage100~240VAC, 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption100W
Average Power Consumption34W
IP RatingIP-20 (indoor)
Power connectionDedicated connector
Mechanical connectionFastlock system
Maximum hanging height8m (10 modules)
Cabinet sizeW400 x H800 x D60 mm
Cabinet weight6 Kg
Link Cables Included
Product code101390

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