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Pixel Bubble 80 MKII

incl 15 strings
Discontinued product
The Pixel Bubble 80 MKII is a visual effect created by a matrix of 50mm RGB balls. It has a lot of useful improvements towards the first version. The length of the strings of pixel bubble 80 MKII can be adjusted with 1 meter from 2 till 6 meters. The standard set is delivered with 15 pcs of 1m strings which gives you 5 rows of 3 meter. Another big improvement is control protocols, besides the standard DMX protocol the pixcel bubble MKII can also be controlled with pixel map software by Artnet or Klingnet. A user-friendly menu will give you the possibility to set all network parameters, or select the correct DMX channel setting and address. It is also loaded with vivid patterns which can be selected in the basic DMX mode if you like to use it without any kind of preparation. The built-in Ethernet switch makes it possible to easily daisy chain your data network, external switches or routers are no longer needed. With the pixelbubble 80 MKII you can give your lightshow a creative visual boost.
  • DMX, Klingnet & Artnet
  • Built-in Ethernet switch
  • Including 15 strings (1m)
  • Adjustable length 2-6m
Light source5050SMD RGB Led
Pixel Pitch200mm
Included strings15 (W5/L3)
String length1m
Max length6m
Bubbles / string5
Beam angle360°
Refresh rate444Hz
OperationDMX, Klingnet, Artnet, Built-in programs
DMX channels8, 150, 225, 300, 375, 450
Power Supply100~240VAC...50/60Hz
Power Consumption90W max @ FO
Mountingtop mounting points 3x M8 and 2x M10
Bar Size65 x 72 x 1050mm
Bubble Size50mm
Operating temp-5° - +40°
Power ConnectionsBlue/White Power connector
Data ConnectionRJ-45 in/out built-in switch
Product code41094

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