Showtec Astro 360 XL

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Discontinued product
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Continuous Pan & Tilt movement
Continuous Bi-directional Dish rotation
Pixel control
Powerful 5° beams
The Showtec Astro Pro is a moving light effect created by a bi-rotating dish with 8 beams. This retro effect brings back old memory’s and functions combined with new innovations. The X-axis has continuous rotation as well as the dish, the Y-axis can be moved in 180°. The Astro Pro is equipped with 8 pcs of 12W RGBW LEDs, 3° optics and has full pixel control. The combination of X-Y movements a rotating and pixel control dish gives you endless possibilities in creating new movements and colour flows. With the built-in programmes you can get the show started directly without advanced programming in advance.

Product code 43024

EAN 8717748397010