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Showtec NET-8/3

8 Channel Artnet/Klingnet node, 3p XLR
Discontinued product
The Showtec NET-8/3 and NET-8/5 nodes are cutting-edge network routing devices which convert ArtNET to DMX512 and back. A maximum of 4096 channels can be transported over a single CAT5. This makes the NET-8/x suitable for small to large scale events. The NET-8/x embeds a built-in network switch to allow it to be used as a Ethernet repeater as well as 8 isolated DMX-512 universes which can be used as a input or output. All settings can be done by the easy-to-use menu on the graphic display and buttons on the front.
  • Supports both ArtNET or KlingNET protocol
  • 1Gbps data speed
  • 8 universes DMX input or output
  • High Speed Network in and output
Configuration examples
- ArtNet to 8x DMX output
- 8x DMX input to ArtNet
- Split 1 DMX input into 7 isolated DMX outputs
- Split 2x DMX input into 2x3 isolated DMX outputs
- Clone 4 DMX inputs to 4x DMX output and Artnet
- HTP/LTP Merge 2x ArtNet to DMX output
- HTP/LTP Merge 2x DMX input to DMX output
- HTP/LTP Merge DMX input and ArtNet to DMX output
Network2x RJ45
DMX8x 3-pin XLR
PowerPro Power Connector
Supported protocolsArtNET, KlingNET, TCP/IPv4, DMX-512A
Dimensions482 x 205 x 44 mm
Power supply100~240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption20W max.
Operating temp0 to +40 °C
Weight1,8 kg
Product code50804

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