Infinity Chimp USB Dongle for OnPC

2 Universes, 1 DMX output
€ 395.-
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Prepare your show with the Chimp OnPC software
2 universes, 1 DMX output
Art-Net and sACN
This Infinity Chimp OnPC Dongle will enable 2 DMX universes into your Infinity Chimp OnPC software. No extra power supplies are needed as the dongle is powered by the USB input. With the available DMX output on the Infinity Chimp OnPC dongle it is possible to distribute the first DMX universe by traditional cable. The two universes are also available on Art-Net and streaming ACN, which enables the possibility to use any visualization software to capture the show data and display the results on your virtual stage. Preparing your showfile with the Chimp OnPC software makes it much easier and fun!

Product code 55005

EAN 8717748499486


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