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Infinity Chimp 300

4 Universe DMX Console
Infinity® 'Chimp' Moving Light Controller

Infinity® Chimp Light Controller: the best in user-friendly design.
Based on the industry standard programming syntax with encoders and hard keys, these compact controllers provide access to familiar, easy-to-use screens(*) that make it easy to program your shows.
No matter what you want to use the Chimp Light Controller for - touring, rental, theatre, universal venues, schools or churches - it gives you all the tools you need.
Intelligent, in-house developed software, industry standard syntax and user-friendly screens: with the Chimp Light Controller you can program your shows in minutes.
Infinity®: The perfect, affordable solution for all professional lighting needs
(*) Up to two external touch screens can be connected to the Chimp 100. The Chimp 300 already has a 22" Full-HD touch screen and offers the possibility to connect an additional touch screen.

- 4 encoders - Familiar keys and numeric keys - colour selection - Lee, Rosco and Apollo filter libraries - Gobo selection - Customizable groups - Customizable presets - Effects engine - Fan function - Integrated fixture library

- 10 multi-page controls - Go and pause/reverse buttons - 10 multi-page activation buttons - 4 user-definable master controls - Cue list screen

Infinity® Chimp 300 Light Controller

Based on standard programming syntaxes with encoders and hard-keys, these compact controllers offer access to familiar screens(*) and will allow you to quickly program a great show.
Regardless of the application - touring, rental, theatre, multipurpose venue, education, or house of worship - a Chimp Light Controller provides you with all the necessary tools.
Smart, in-house designed software, industry-standard syntaxes, and easy-to-use screens: the Chimp Light Controller will enable you to program your best show in a matter of minutes.

(*) The Chimp 300 houses a 22” full HD touchscreen with the possibility to connect one extra external touchscreen.

• 4 Encoders • Familiar keys and numeric keypad • Colour picker • Filter libraries by Lee, Rosco, and Apollo • Gobo Picker • User-definable groups • User-definable presets • Effects engine • Fan functions • Built-in Fixture library

• 10 faders with multiple pages • Go and Pause/Reverse keys • 10 executer keys with multiple pages • 4 user-definable master faders • Cue list screen
R.R.P. € 3,995.- Subtotal ex. vat
Technical Features
Familiar keys, numeric keypad and 4 Encoders
10 Playback faders with Go, Pause/Reverse, Flash keys on multiple pages
10 Executer/Flash keys on multiple pages
Color picker, Swatchbook by Lee, Rosco and Apollo Filters
Gobo Picker
User definable groups and presets
User definable display layout
4 user definable master faders
Effects engine
Fan functions on all attributes
Built-in Fixture builder
Cue list screen
4 x DMX 5-pin opto-isolated in/outs (RDM ready)
HDMI monitor out
Midi In/Thru/Out 5-pin DIN
Audio/SMPTE/LTC Input 3-pin XLR
IEC Power Supply Input
2 x Dimmable Desklight outputs 3-pin XLR
2 x USB-B connectors
4 universe 2048 channels DMX
Unlimited Fixtures
10000 memories
600 memory stacks
100 groups
9 x 100 presets (position, color, beam, gobo's, etc.)
Command line interface
Output visualizer
Libraries provided by AtlaBase Ltd (> 17.500 fixtures)
Tracking and non-tracking options
Display22 inch 1920x1080 Hull HD
TouchDigital resistive touch
HousingMetal & flame-retardant plastic side covers
Dimensions647 x 575 x 279mm (LxWxH)
Ambient Temp. Range0 ~ 35°C
Storage Temp. Range-5 ~ 45°C

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