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Infinity Chimp 300.G2

Fader Desks
4 Universe DMX Console incl. Wireless Transmitter
Chimp G2, the Next Stage: the Infinity Chimp G2 light controllers combine user-friendly design with true functionality: the Chimp 100.G2 with 2 DMX universes or the 300.G2 with 4 DMX universes and integrated 22” touchscreen. Both have the same principle: to provide the necessary tools for every light-designer and have the freedom to create the show they want. Every feature, effect and application has been engineered specifically to support this very principle. Although the Chimp 300.G2 has extended universe, fixture and memory capacity, it remains compatible with the Chimp 100.G2. Software, features, effects and possibilities are exactly the same. Programmed and saved shows on either Chimp unit are interchangeable and will run smoothly accordingly. This feature alone adds a new dimension to the compatibility of the various Chimp units.

To name a few of the versatile features each Chimp possesses: every Chimp unit is equipped with the extensive AtlaBase fixture library, giving access to more than 16.000 different fixtures. With every free Chimp software upgrade the AtlaBase library is updated automatically. The Effects Engine can be applied to any available fixture-attribute easily. This helps you to shape the show according to your creativity. You can use Magic Sheets with which you can visualize your entire setup in 2D. Always get the right colour with an accurate colour picker, RGB / CMY Control or from the built-in Lee, Rosco and Apollo filter libraries.

The next stage Chimp controllers provide all the tools necessary to create the perfect show. All you need to do is, is to put these tools to good use. The Infinity Chimp G2 series is available in setups from single units to complete tourpacks:

· 55004 Chimp 100.G2 single unit
· 55004SET01 Chimp 100.G2 Tourpack incl. touchscreen and flightcase
· 55031 Chimp 100.G2 & Wing Tourpack incl. 2 touchscreens, Banana Wing and flightcase
· 55014 Chimp 300.G2 single unit
· 55014SET01 Chimp 300.G2 Tourpack incl. flightcase
· 55020 Banana Wing

The Infinity Chimp 300.G2 light controller with integrated 22” touchscreen delivers all the tools you need to create a lightshow within minutes. With the Chimp 300.G2 you have access to four universes with unlimited patchable fixtures. It has been engineered with one thing in mind: user convenience. It is the perfect controller for beginners and even more so for advanced users.
You can connect an additional external touchscreen to the Chimp 300.G2. Use personalized colours in the GUI, add Magic sheets to visualize your show in 2D and put the extensive Atlabase to good use. The Atlabase fixture file offers more than 16.000 fixtures to choose from. But in case your specific fixture is missing, you can add this to your setup via the built-in Fixture Builder. Add effects, movements, colour changes and more by using the Effects Engine. Choose your desired colour out of the Filter libraries from Lee, Rosco or Apollo. The integrated Wireless DMX module by Wireless Solutions enhances the flexibility of the system. With each software version new features are added to the Chimp and the Atlabase fixture library is updated
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Familiar keys, numeric keypad and 4 Encoders
10 Playback faders with Go, Pause/Reverse, Flash keys on multiple pages
10 Executer/Flash keys on multiple pages
Colour picker, Swatchbook by Lee, Rosco and Apollo Filters
Gobo Picker
User definable groups and presets
User definable display layout
4 user definable master faders
Effects engine
Fan functions on all attributes
Built in Fixture library and Fixture builder
Cue list screen
4 x DMX 5-pin opto-isolated in/outs (RDM ready)
RP-SMA W-DMX antenna output
HDMI monitor out
Midi In/Thru/Out 5-pin DIN
Audio/SMPTE/LTC Input 3-pin XLR
IEC Power Supply Input
2 x Dimmable Desklight outputs 3-pin XLR
2 x USB-B connectors
4 universe 2048 channels DMX
Unlimited Fixtures
10000 memories
600 memory stacks
100 groups
9 x 100 presets (position, colour, beam, gobo's, etc.)
Command line interface
Output visualizer
Libraries provided by AtlaBase
Tracking and non-tracking options
Display: 22 inch 1920x1080 Full HD
Touch: Capacitive touchscreen
Housing: Metal & flame-retardant plastic side covers
Dimensions: 647 x 575 x 279mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 18Kg
Ambient Temp. Range: 0 ~ 35°C
Storage Temp. Range: -5 ~ 45°C

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