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Showtec CO2 3/8 Q-Lock 4-way distributor

Closed system
The Showtec CO2 Q-Lock system is a complete range of products to create a fast and safe way to build all kinds of CO2 setups. It can be applied for both rental and fixed installations. The Q-Lock products are all are equipped with male and female quick lock couplers. They have back pressure valves to guarantee a closed and save system at all times . The CO2 Q-Lock range consists of hoses, splitters, combiners, a distributor and various adapters. With the splitters and the combiners it is possible to integrate multiple shooters, FX Ice Jets or multiple bottles in one system. The adapters are used on the Showtec CO2 Ice Gun, FX Ice Jets or hoses with thread to upgrade them to all Q-Lock applications.

Note: If you use Q-Lock products always make sure that your Ice Guns and Ice Jets are prepared with CO2 3/8 Q-Lock female adapters.

The Q-Lock 4-way distributor makes it possible to connect 4 bottles in a CO2 setup. This helps you to create enough CO2 power and lifetime for big setups with multiple CO2 Ice Gun or FX Ice Jets.
  • Quick and safe connection
  • Closed system
  • Saves CO2 Gas
  • Combine multiple bottles and hoses in one closed setup
R.R.P. € 329.- Subtotal ex. vat
Weight4 kg
Gas ConnectionQuick Lock
Gas TypeCO2
Product code61025

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