Eldoled DUALdrive AC 50 W Constant Current

eldoLED DL0560 A DALI 2 Ballast 2 outputs
€ 77.90
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LightShape: intuitive colour temperature and intensity control
Hybrid HydraDrive provides smooth, flicker-free dimming down to 1%
LEDcode2 supports several digital accessories and IoT applications
Wide application area thanks to fully configurable dimming curve
Perfect for tunable white applications
LED constant current driver max.50W. Hybrid HydraDrive: efficient, smooth and flicker-free dimming. DALI compatible, 2 separately controllable LED outputs Being a LightShape LED driver, DUALdrive 560/A allows you to compose the exact shade of white at the right intensity level to complement materials in retail, support productivity in the office, or create the perfect atmosphere in a hospitality environment.

Product code A9950562

EAN 8717748313232


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