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Artecta: where LED lighting on demand is the norm

Whether you want to create that special atmosphere in a restaurant, highlight the latest fashion collection in a shop window or create a colourful light design for a fountain in a park, Artecta has the right solution for you: colourful, durable and cost effective.


Wall lights

Track lighting

Inground spots

Underwater lights

Garden and streetlights

Mood lights

Artecta accessories

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  1. Artecta Pro-Line 25 end caps
    Artecta Pro-Line 25 end caps
    Set of 2pcs
    Product code: A9932406
    R.R.P. € 1.85
    Subtotal ex. vat
  2. Artecta Havana Ribbon Cross-Connector
    Artecta Havana Ribbon Cross-Connector
    For Ribbon RGB series
    Product code: A0852092
    R.R.P. € 3.05
    Subtotal ex. vat
  3. Artecta Havana Ribbon Connector
    Artecta Havana Ribbon Connector
    Product code: A0852093
    R.R.P. € 1.05
    Subtotal ex. vat
  4. Artecta LED Dim Pro
    Artecta LED Dim Pro
    4 channels
    Product code: A9915040
    • Menu display with DU, EN & GE language select
    • DMX fail back up function
    • Stand-alone function
    R.R.P. € 115,-
    Subtotal ex. vat

4 Items

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