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Artecta: where LED lighting on demand is the norm

If you would like to add another dimension to your lighting plan, then you should definitely consider wall lights. Recessed or surface mounted, in warm white or RGBW and as IP-65 for outdoor or IP-20 for indoor purposes. Available in various stylish designs like the Artecta Burgos Single or Double fixtures in square or round housings or the recessed luminaires of the Artecta Kempten series. If you are looking for a clean, sleek design, then the recessed fixtures like Trier or Salo could be the answer to your creative questions. For larger surfaces where you would like to add some colour the Cupar or Lugano bars offer the solution. Please check with our sales department to see which options suit your request best.

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  1. Artecta Cupar-100 3.000 K
    Artecta Cupar-100 3.000 K
    230Vac 1000mm 30°
    Product code: A0240463
    R.R.P. € 165,-
    Subtotal ex. vat
  2. Artecta Cupar-50 3.000 K
    Artecta Cupar-50 3.000 K
    230Vac 500mm 30°
    Product code: A0240462
    R.R.P. € 97.90
    Subtotal ex. vat
  3. Artecta Burgos-M Round Single
    Artecta Burgos-M Round Single
    Black 120-240Vac 22°
    Product code: A0240188
    R.R.P. € 63.90
    Subtotal ex. vat
  4. Artecta Burgos-S Round Single
    Artecta Burgos-S Round Single
    Black 120-240Vac 24°
    Product code: A0240186
    R.R.P. € 49.90
    Subtotal ex. vat
  5. Artecta Burgos-M Square Double
    Artecta Burgos-M Square Double
    Black 120-240Vac 12°
    Product code: A0240185
    R.R.P. € 79.50
    Subtotal ex. vat
  6. Artecta Burgos-M Square Single
    Artecta Burgos-M Square Single
    Black 120-240Vac 18°
    Product code: A0240184
    R.R.P. € 55.50
    Subtotal ex. vat
  7. Artecta Kempten-4 3.000K
    Artecta Kempten-4 3.000K
    Dark grey 120-240Vac
    Product code: A0230841
    R.R.P. € 32.90
    Subtotal ex. vat
  8. Artecta Kempten-3 3.000K
    Artecta Kempten-3 3.000K
    Dark grey 120-240Vac
    Product code: A0230831
    R.R.P. € 35.50
    Subtotal ex. vat
  9. Artecta Kempten-1 3.000K
    Artecta Kempten-1 3.000K
    Dark grey 120-240Vac
    Product code: A0230811
    R.R.P. € 21.50
    Subtotal ex. vat
  10. Artecta Lugano Bar 27 3000 K
    Artecta Lugano Bar 27 3000 K
    27x2.5 W LED
    Product code: A0240481
    R.R.P. € 275,-
    Subtotal ex. vat

1-10 of 23

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