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DAP: solid audio solutions

With the audio products from our extensive DAP range any performing artist, sound professional or installer will always have good sound at their disposal. Take your pick from the passive or active Pure speakers, the Xi- and EVO speakers for fixed installations or check out various possibilities the DAP mixers or audio processors have to offer.

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  1. DAP AS-8
    DAP AS-8
    Audio splitter & mixer
    Product code: D1904
    • Selectable splitter/mixer function
    • Wide range headroom
    • 8 inputs
    R.R.P. € 159,-
    Subtotal ex. vat
  2. DAP AGI-101
    DAP AGI-101
    Audio Groundloop Isolator
    Product code: D1526
    • No power-supply needed
    • In line connection
    • No extra cables needed
    R.R.P. € 7.25
    Subtotal ex. vat
  3. DAP PMM-401
    DAP PMM-401
    4 Channel Passive Mixer
    Product code: D1531
    • no power-supply needed
    • stereo in- and outputs
    • 4-in, 1-out mixer
    R.R.P. € 55.90
    Subtotal ex. vat
  4. DAP AMM-401
    DAP AMM-401
    4 Channel Active Mixer
    Product code: D1532
    • 2 stereo inputs
    • 2 mono inputs
    • Balanced outputs
    R.R.P. € 86.90
    Subtotal ex. vat
  5. DAP PRE-202
    DAP PRE-202
    2 Channel Microphone Preamp
    Product code: D1533
    • Switchable Phantom power
    • Switchabel low cut
    • Level control
    R.R.P. € 81.90
    Subtotal ex. vat
  6. DAP ASC-202
    DAP ASC-202
    2 Way Stereo Converter
    Product code: D1535
    • Road proof housing
    • High quality components
    • Professional balanced XLR outputs
    R.R.P. € 74.90
    Subtotal ex. vat
  7. DAP AMP-104
    DAP AMP-104
    4 Channel Headphone Amplifier
    Product code: D1536
    • Jack TRS & RCA input
    • Separate volume control
    • 2x 4 outputs
    R.R.P. € 88.90
    Subtotal ex. vat
  8. DAP ELI-101
    DAP ELI-101
    Stereo Hum Eliminator
    Product code: D1537
    • No power supply needed
    • XLR in- outputs
    • Road proof housing
    R.R.P. € 64.50
    Subtotal ex. vat
  9. DAP PRE-101
    DAP PRE-101
    Phono RIAA equalized pre-amp
    Product code: D1530
    • Solid housing
    • RIAA Equalization
    • High quality components
    R.R.P. € 33.90
    Subtotal ex. vat
  10. DAP DCP-24 MKII
    Digital Cross Over 2-in, 4-out
    Product code: D2083
    • 48 Khz, 64Bits Sample rate
    • 5 parametric EQ's each in- and output
    • USB interface and user-friendly software included
    R.R.P. € 225,-
    Subtotal ex. vat

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