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DMT: high impact led technology

DMT's high-end LED display solutions, complemented by our extensive knowledge and support, help to create a visual impact on any event. For indoor or outdoor applications, for mobile or fixed installations, for corporate rooms or stadiums DMT has the answer with its Premiere screens, Pixelscreens or FI-Series.

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  1. DMT FVA12 - DVI/M > HDMI/F
    DMT FVA12 - DVI/M > HDMI/F
    Product code: FVA12
    R.R.P. € 24.50
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  2. DMT FVA11 - DVI/F > HDMI/M
    DMT FVA11 - DVI/F > HDMI/M
    Product code: FVA11
    R.R.P. € 22.90
    Subtotal ex. vat

2 Items

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