Moving Lights Beam

Moving Lights Beams

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Showtec Shark Beam FX One

3 x 40 W RGBW 3-in-1 LED Beam Moving Head

3 x 40 W RGBW LED Beam, Wash and FX Moving Head
Continuously bi-rotating front lens for true retro disco feeling
Wide motorised zoom

Product code: 45024

€ 525.-
ex VAT

Showtec Phantom 3R Hybrid

All-in-one Hybrid Moving Head Including 140 W Osram R3 bulb

140 W Moving Head for both Spot, Wash and Beam effects
Motorised zoom, focus and frost
16-facet linear & 8-facet circular overlapping prisms

Product code: 40075

€ 1,365.-
ex VAT

Showtec Phantom 3R Beam

Compact 140 W Beam Moving Head Including Osram R3 bulb

Compact, powerful 140 W Beam Moving Head
Motorised frost filter and focus
8-facet circular rotating prism

Product code: 40079

€ 979.-
ex VAT

Showtec Polar 100 Beam

IP65 100 W LED Beam Moving Head

Powerful 100 W LED Beam Moving Head
Highly focused 1.7° beam angle
8 bi-rotating gobos + open & 9 colours + white

Product code: 40100

€ 1,739.-
ex VAT

Showtec Phantom 12R Hybrid

300 W Hybrid Moving Head

Bright 300 watt Hybrid Moving Head
Wide motorised zoom with focus & frost
17 static & 8 exchangeable rotating gobos + open

Product code: 40080

€ 1,565.-
ex VAT
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