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Audio Players

Audio Players

14 Items

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  1. DAP SD-Card
    DAP SD-Card
    Audio Players
    Productcode: D1280
    R.R.P. € 12.50
  2. DAP CORE Kontrol D1
    DAP CORE Kontrol D1
    2 Deck Midi Controller with audio interface
    Audio Players
    Productcode: D1265
    • Filter function in mixer section
    • 4 sample buttons with volume control
    • Microphone input
    • 4 channel sound card
  3. DAP CORE CDMP-750
    Table top CD USB Player
    Audio Players
    Productcode: D1155
    • 100% Pitch with Master tempo
    • 4 Cue / Loop memories
    • BPM related effects and loops
    • Accurate scratch function
  4. DAP CDMP-150 MKII
    1U CD/USB/MP3 player
    Audio Players
    Productcode: D1153
    • Balanced XLR audio outputs
    • Headphones output
    • Large display with ID3 and folder info
    • Plays MP3 files from USB
  5. DAP TCD-100BT
    DAP TCD-100BT
    1U Professional Media Player
    Audio Players
    Productcode: D1257
    • Backlite buttons
    • Bluetooth playback
    • Combined CD/USB/SD output
    • Ir Remote control
  6. DAP CDR-110
    DAP CDR-110
    CD player & USB Recorder MKII
    Audio Players
    Productcode: D1255
    • Record VU indication
    • Adjustable record input volume
    • Remote control included
    • USB & SD up to 32GB
    R.R.P. € 289,-
  7. DAP CDR-110 MKIV
    DAP CDR-110 MKIV
    1U CD Player / USB Recorder
    Audio Players
    Productcode: D1259
    • Backlite buttons
    • Adjustable record Level with indication
    • Combined CD/USB/SD output
    • Ir Remote control
  8. DAP MPR-200BT
    DAP MPR-200BT
    1U Professional media player recorder
    Audio Players
    Productcode: D1248
    • Backlit buttons
    • Recorder & Player
    • Wide Bluetooth range
    • IR remote control
  9. DAP UBR-180BT
    DAP UBR-180BT
    1U Bluetooth USB Player Recorder
    Audio Players
    Productcode: D1258
    • Backlit buttons
    • Bluetooth playback
    • Separate USB, Bluetooth output
    • Adjustable record Level with indication
  10. DAP IR-100
    DAP IR-100
    Professional Internet Radio
    Audio Players
    Productcode: D1249
    • Built-in Wifi
    • USB Media player & Tuner
    • Full color display
    • DNLA
  11. DAP DS-2680DMP3
    DAP DS-2680DMP3
    Double CD Player with direct access, MP3 and slot in
    Audio Players
    Productcode: D1184
  12. DAP DS-880DMP3
    DAP DS-880DMP3
    Double CD Player with MP3
    Audio Players
    Productcode: D1181
    R.R.P. € 305,-
  13. DAP DS-CDJ-250 MKII
    DJ workstation
    Audio Players
    Productcode: D1226
    R.R.P. € 449,-
  14. DAP CDR-110
    DAP CDR-110
    CD/USB Recorder
    Audio Players
    Productcode: D1253
    R.R.P. € 269,-

14 Items

Set Descending Direction

For DJs and other mobile entertainers, audio players are an indispensable piece of equipment. Especially because each venue will pose new challenges in terms of setup and control, DAP Audio offers a variety of players that let’s you take on any challenge. Very compact CD & Media Players with functionalities ranging from the basic USB and CD capabilities up to professional gear, equipped with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, it’s all there. For the creative DJs who like to produce their own samples and beats we also offer a midi controller interface.