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10 Items

Set Descending Direction
  1. DAP Soft Foam 20mm
    DAP Soft Foam 20mm
    Sheet: 1,5m x 2m
    Productcode: D6902
    EAN: 8717748214942
  2. DAP Speakercover clothing
    DAP Speakercover clothing
    roll 1,2 x 10m
    Productcode: D6990
    EAN: 8717748327963
  3. DAP Universal Foam
    DAP Universal Foam
    Sheet: 1,2m x 0,6m, 10cm
    Productcode: D6906
    EAN: 8717748301918
  4. DAP Universal Foam
    DAP Universal Foam
    Sheet: 1,2m x 0,6m, 5cm
    Productcode: D6905
    EAN: 8717748301901
  5. DAP Hard Foam 10mm
    DAP Hard Foam 10mm
    Sheet: 1,15m x 1.5m
    Productcode: D6904
    EAN: 8717748215802
  6. DAP Pearl Foam 20mm
    DAP Pearl Foam 20mm
    Sheet: 1m x 1.3m
    Productcode: D6903
    EAN: 8717748214959
  7. DAP Egg Foam
    DAP Egg Foam
    Set of 2 sheets of 1,5m x 2m
    Productcode: D6901
    EAN: 8717748214935
  8. DAP ASM-01
    DAP ASM-01
    Acoustic black foam, 5 cm thick
    Productcode: D1390
    EAN: 8717748180384
  9. DAP AP-2400 50mm Black
    DAP AP-2400 50mm Black
    Acoustic Sound Absorption Panel
    Productcode: D1393
    EAN: 8717748343796
    • Excellent acoustic properties
    • No need for a “water shield
    • Low weight means light weight on structure and foundation
    • Fire Reaction meets all required Fire Norms
  10. DAP ASM-03
    DAP ASM-03
    Acoustic black foam, 10 cm thick
    Productcode: D1392
    EAN: 8717748180407

10 Items

Set Descending Direction

Although natural reverberation in rooms or loudspeakers often is a good thing to have in audio, too much of it can cause unwanted reflections that seriously affect sound quality. Acoustic foams or speaker foams from DAP Audio are a simple solution to eliminate these reflections within your studio or rehearsal room and, as a bonus; these foams will also absorb a lot of volume!
Additionally, the use of flightcase foam in cases will help to keep your equipment protected and free of scratches and dings.