AP-2400 50mm Black

Acoustic Sound Absorption Panel
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Discontinued product
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Excellent acoustic properties
No need for a water shield
Low weight means light weight on structure and foundation
Fire Reaction meets all required Fire Norms
AP-2400 is an acoustic sound absorption panel which can be placed in poor acoustic environments to improve the reverberation behaviour of these environments. It can be easily bend and cut, which enables the product to be easily installed on contoured surfaces. The AP-2400 panels can also be installed by applying adhesives suitable for plastics. The light weight of the material (compared to other heavy sound absorbing materials such as mineral fibres, rebonded PU) also contributes to cost saving efforts for the necessary constructions to assemble the AP-2400 panels. According to tests using ISO 354 test method and evaluation using the ISO 11654, the AP-2400 is Class-A absorbent with an average sound absorption coefficient of about 1.00. The AP-2400 panels are also water resistant and provide unaltered and sustained performance in wet or humid conditions. Panels are sold in sealed packages of 8 pieces.

Product code D1393

EAN 8717748343796