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USB XLR Microphone interface
The UCI-10 is the easiest solution for instant recording with all kinds of dynamic microphones without expensive interfaces, difficult drivers and setup procedures. Connect a dynamic microphone with the XLR plug and connect the USB plug with a PC or MAC and you are ready to record. It works with practically all DAW software programs. It has a sampling rate of 16Bit, 44,1Khz which is the standard sample rate of every CD and gives you the quality to make profesional recordings.
  • No drivers needed
  • PC and MAC compatible
  • Works with all dynamic microphones
R.R.P. € 31.90 Subtotal ex. vat
ConnectorsUSB & XLR female
DriversNo drivers needed
Operating systemWindows 2000/ XP/ Vista/Windows 7/ MAC
A/D converter16 Bit, 44,1 Khz/48Khz
Signal boost gain22dB
Product codeD1630

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