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DAP Cable Tester Pro

The Cable Tester pro is your ideal tool for checking all your audio cables.
It is easy in use and rugged enough for use on the road.
  • Must have for every roady
  • 9V Battery operated
  • Speakon 4P, Speakon 8P, RJ45, RCA
  • XLR 3P, XLR 5P, 5P Din, 6,3 Jack, 3,5 Jack
R.R.P. € 45.50 Subtotal ex. vat
General specification
Test function for:
Speakerplug 4 pole
Speakerplug 8 pole
3,5 Mini-Jack
6,3 Jack
XLR 5 pole
XLR 3 pole
5 pole Din
Battery operated
Dimensions187 x 37 x 90mm
Product codeD1909

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