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Digital Cross Over 2-in, 6-out
Discontinued product
The DCP-26 is a very complete 2 in- 6 output digital speaker manager. Even if you are not an audio engineer you can easily setup this unit with the included software that works by the USB interface. It has 5 PEQ’s at the in- and outputs and various types of filters to manage any kind of speaker or speaker system. Furthermore it has all features you need like phase reverse, limiters and delays. Clear in and output meters in combination with the LCD display gives you all the necessary information in one overview. The DCP-26 is suitable for PA, line arrays and audio installations, as well as sound distribution networks.
  • 48 Khz, 64Bits Sample rate
  • 5 parametric filters per input and output
  • USB interface with included user-friendly software
  • Engineered and assembled in Europe
Sample rate48 kHz, 64 bits NXP (Philips) DSP
5-Bands Input EQ
EQ SelectionsAllpass, Bell, High Shelf,
Low Shelf, Notch
EQ Frequency Selection20 to 20,000 Hz in
1 Hz steps on all EQ’s
Output delayChannel independent from 0 to 8 mS
5-Bands Output EQ
EQ Selectionssame as input
TypeLow Shelf 6, Low Shelf 12,
High Shelf 6 and High Shelf 12
TypesLinkwitz Riley, Bessel and
Slopes6, 12, 18, 24 dB/octave
Crossover frequencies20 to 20,000 in 1 Hz
octave steps
Threshold points-20 to +20 dBu in 0.5 dB steps
Attack timeZero Attack Time Limiter
Release times1 = shortest, 100 = endless long,
in steps of 1.
Memory Storage50 User presets
MuteAll Output channels can be
individually muted
Display2 x 16 dot matrix characters
Latency1.27 mS
USB InterfaceBack
Power Supply6V DC
Power Consumption4 Watt
Power SwitchBack
Measurements483 x 155 x 44 mm
AccessoriesPower adapter, USB cable,
DSP software
Product codeD2081

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