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DAP SoundMate Active 3 MK-II

Complete Ready-to-Use set
Discontinued product
Easy transportable high power and high quality sound system for DJ's and bands.
Easy stackable for maximum stability. Each cabinet has its own built-in amplifier, processor, limiter and crossover section. Specially designed subwoofer system with 15" high power subwoofer with 3" voice coil for handling frequencies down to 38 Hz. 12" high efficiency mid speaker with 3" voice coil and high driver with 1" exit, 2" voice coil mounted on a constant directivity horn. Cabinets 18 mm plywood (12 layers). Colour, Black.
• Incl. transport covers
• 16 Castor Wheels

The satellite:
The Soundmate 3 satellite is designed to produce a full spectrum of sound. The satellite
is equipped with a 12" LF loudspeaker and 1" HF driver with a horn with a dispersion of 60°x60°. The built-in amplifiers deliver 600W of pure power.

The subwoofer:
Feel the bass with this 15" basscabinet. The cabinet is powered through a powerful 600W amplifier. The castors makes the unit easy to move and thanks to this feature it is a real roadproof system and is it even suitable to carry a satellite cabinet.
  • Plug & Play complete active Live set
  • High SPL output
  • including Transport covers
  • Every cabinet has its own amplifier
15” active vented PA subwoofer
Built-in Limiter circuits
Built-in Loudness circuits
Amplifier Output Power600 Watt RMS
Freq. Resp. (-3 dB, -6 dB)38 – 160 Hz
Freq. Range (-10 dB)32 – 200 Hz
Crossover Frequency160 Hz, 24 dB/oct
Sensitivity (Half Space)103 dB / W / m
Max. SPL at 1 m (Theoret.)129 dB
Nominal Dispersion (HxV)360° x 180°
Dimensions (LxWxH)840 x 710 x 500 mm
Net Weight55 kg
12/1 passive vented PA satellite speaker system
Built-in Limiter circuits
Amplifier Output Power600 Watt RMS
in 8 Ohm
Freq. Resp. (-6 dB, -3 dB)160–16,000 Hz
Freq. Range (-10 dB)125–20,000 Hz
Crossover Frequency2000 Hz, 18 dB/oct
Sensitivity (Full Space)99 dB / W / m
Max. SPL at 1 m (Theoret.)125 dB
Nominal Dispersion (HxV)60° x 40°
Dimensions (LxWxH)480 x 710 x 370 mm
Net Weight37 kg
Product codeD3222

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