8” / 1,375” Full range Installation cabinet white
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Discontinued product
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Made for D8429 bracket
Recessed Speakon chassis, no inner adapter
Smooth frequency response.
Rotatable 90° x 60° horn
Detachable metal grill
The XI series has been specially developed for fixed installation purposes. The tops have special brackets on the back for the DAP D8429 Compact Speaker wall mount and also for the K&M 24470/80 mount. The XI series has no flange on the bottom and only a handle on the back with integrated Speakon connectors. The Xi-Series is equipped with a scratch-free paint and an easily removable metal grille. The horn ( XI-8 & XI-10 ) is rotatable so that the speaker can be used horizontally and vertically. The high power bass woofer has an ultra compact design so it fits almost anywhere. There is also a specially designed wall mount that allows the bass woofer to hang on a wall. The whole XI range has hifi sound quality and can deliver high performance.

Product code D3424W

EAN 8717748346131