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DAP Odin Stack set

Odin Stack set, consisting of 8pcs Odin T-8A satellite speakers, 4 Odin S-18A subs, 2pcs T-8A flight case (to hold 4pcs T-8A satellites each), 2pcs of FB-02 flybar, 2 pcs of CA-01 connection adapter and, to make your own personal DSP settings, the Odin CL-4 Connect ethernet hub.

And completely free of charge, we have added the following items 8x 1.5mtr powercables , 4pcs Blue power connector/schuko cable 10.0mtr, 2 double transportcovers for the 4 units of S-18A subs, one Daily case 47 to keep all your cables complete and safe, 2 castor boards for the subs, 12 Neutrik XLR-XX M/F cables to make all the necessary connections (2x 10.0mtr, 10x 1.5mtr)., 2x FL55 CAT-5 15mtr cable and 10x Cat5E 1.5mtr cable with Neutrik.

One complete setup well equipped to get the job done.
R.R.P. € 29,195.- Subtotal ex. vat
The Odin Stack set consists of
8pcs Odin T-8A Line array satellites
4pcs Odin S-18A Line array subs
2pcs Odin case for 4x T-8A
2pcs Odin flybar FB-02
2pcs Odin CA-01 Connection adapter
1pcs Odin CL-4 Connect
8pcs 1.5mtr Powercon powercable m/f
4pcs 10.0mtr Blue power connector/schuko
2pcs Transportcover for Odin S-18A
2pcs Odin castorboard
1pcs Daily case 47
10pcs 1,5mtr Neutrik XLR-XX M/F cable
2pcs 10.0mtr Neutrik XLR-XX M/F cable
2pcs 15,0mtr FL55 Cat-5 cable
10pcs1.5mtr Cat 5E cable with Neutrik Ethercon
Product codeD3900SET02

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