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DAP Odin Stack set

The Odin Line Array system is a versatile system which can be used from small indoor events, like mobile dj road shows or fashion events, through medium venues, like local festivals, community centers or live gigs, to the bigger outdoor events where the need for crisp, clear sounds and a bass-sound which can go wide, is present. The combinations and possibilities are numerous. To help you with this, we have already put together three sets: Satellite set, Stack set and Array set. In each set you will find everything you need to produce sound when and where you need it. These sets come complete including satellites, subs, stands, cables, flight cases, transportation material, covers, flybars and even line array towers (in the Array-setup). Should you require any more info about possible setups, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department or get in touch with your local sales representative

Odin Stack set, consisting of 8pcs Odin T-8A satellite speakers, 4 Odin S-18A subs, 2pcs T-8A flight case (to hold 4pcs T-8A satellites each), 2pcs of FB-02 flybar, 2 pcs of CA-01 connection adapter and, to make your own personal DSP settings, the Odin CL-4 Connect ethernet hub.

And completely free of charge, we have added the following items 8x 1.5mtr powercables , 4pcs Blue power connector/schuko cable 10.0mtr, 2 double transportcovers for the 4 units of S-18A subs, one Daily case 47 to keep all your cables complete and safe, 2 castor boards for the subs, 12 Neutrik XLR-XX M/F cables to make all the necessary connections (2x 10.0mtr, 10x 1.5mtr)., 2x FL55 CAT-5 15mtr cable and 10x Cat5E 1.5mtr cable with Neutrik.

One complete setup well equipped to get the job done.
R.R.P. € 29,065.- Subtotal ex. vat
The Odin Stack set consists of
8pcs Odin T-8A Line array satellites
4pcs Odin S-18A Line array subs
2pcs Odin case for 4x T-8A
2pcs Odin flybar FB-02
2pcs Odin CA-01 Connection adapter
1pcs Odin CL-4 Connect
8pcs 1.5mtr Powercon powercable m/f
4pcs 10.0mtr Blue power connector/schuko
2pcs Transportcover for Odin S-18A
2pcs Odin castorboard
1pcs Daily case 47
10pcs 1,5mtr Neutrik XLR-XX M/F cable
2pcs 10.0mtr Neutrik XLR-XX M/F cable
2pcs 15,0mtr FL55 Cat-5 cable
10pcs1.5mtr Cat 5E cable with Neutrik Ethercon
Product codeD3900SET02

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