DAP Odin SF-12A

12'' Active Full-range Speaker
€ 1,229.-
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Celestion driven 2-way full range speaker
Road proof design and water resistant coating
Integrated DSP processor
Active bi-amp system
Neutrik powerCON Connector In & Out
The Odin SF-12 A and SF-15A Side Fills are 2-way full-range active bi-amped speakers. They have been equipped with Celestion speakers and a sturdy, road-ready design. With these units the sound engineer can provide a more developed and well-balanced sound on stage. Through separate stage monitors each band-member receives his own personal mix. But by adding the Side Fills around the stage, preferable in an X-Stage setting, each performer hears exactly what is going on with all the other instruments on stage. This adds more freedom for the sound engineer and gives the possibility of designing a larger stage setup

Product code D3930

EAN 8717748465597


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