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Alarm matrix
Discontinued product
With the IPS-AM, it is possible to connect up to 30 paging zones to a fire centre.

• With DC 24V function
• Intelligent fire alarm interface, up to 30 paging zones can be connected to fire centre
• Linking 4 units of IPS-AM can be expanded up to 120 paging zones.
• The front panel LEDs indicate the working status for each zone and the number of linking units
• Linking several units to expand control zones, several units can also be increased to activate more channels without limit.
• Programmable setting
• Qualified under the fire regulation
Power supplyAC 110~120V / 220~240V,
50 Hz / 60 Hz
DC 24V
Alarm Input /
Output Channel30 ch.
Power Consumptionless than 18W
Input Logic Level+5~24v High Level Signal
or 0V Pre-set available
Alarm Output Level0V (short)
LinkUp, Down ±4 Channel,
Weight6,73 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)483 x 370 x 89 mm
Product codeD6503

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