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M/S Amplifier switcher
Discontinued product
With the Amplifiers Switcher it is possible to switch 4 input channels to 3 output zones (Speaker load outputs, main amp and sub amp outputs). This unit automatically detects a malfunctioning amplifier and switches automatically to another output. RCA connectors and binding post connectors are used on the back side, so it is easy to connect your equipment.

• With DC 24V function
• 4 individual channels with automatically switching function
• Auto checking & switching function between main and spare
• Available for selecting the function of 4 main equipments with four spare amplifiers or 4 main with one spare
• Available for manual / automatic switching
• Individual channel indicator for working status
• Big speaker connector, easy to connect
Power supplyAC 110~120V / 220~240V,
60 Hz / 50 Hz
DC 24V
Power Consumption<18W
Channel4 Channels
Switching Capacitor20A/150V Audio Signal
Input Threshold5 mV, constant 100 ms
Output Threshold50 mV, constant 20 ms
Checking Cycle500 ms 6 time
Input Sensitivity0 dB V 10000 Ohm
Dimensions (LxWxH)483 x 370 x 89 mm
Weight8,2 kg
Product codeD6509

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