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The Xi-MKII series meets today’s standards and is very well equipped for a wide variety of indoor applications such as restaurants, cafes, clubs, health centres, theme parks or hospitality areas. Anywhere where an outstanding sound quality and a compact high pressure level speaker are required

Celestion inside

The entire Xi-MKII Series has been equipped with Celestion HF drivers which is a major improvement on the sound performance of each unit. Almost 100 years ago Celestion started to manufacture innovative and reliable loudspeakers. This quality and dedication to perfection was what we needed to complete the Xi-MKII Series. To optimize the magnetic, acoustic and electro mechanical design FEA, Finite Element Analysis, has been used. For the Xi-MKII Series we used the Celestion 1”exit light weight, low-profile ferrite magnet compression driver with 1” copper clad aluminium voice coil. Each driver is equipped with a single piece PETP film diaphragm and surround.

Multiple Mounting options

Mounting the Xi-MKII series speakers is easy due to a couple of options. Model specific M8 screw threads for the use of flying eyes or M6 for an additional bracket . These threads can be found on two sides, giving you the possibility of installing the speaker either horizontally or vertically. A nifty feature is that you can position the logo on the grill based on the placement of the enclosure. An optional U-shaped bracket is available with which the speaker can be installed close to the wall. To make sure that the speakon connectors will not take up that space, the speakon chassis are recessed, the perfect design for an install cabinet. Third option for a fixed installation is the possibility of attaching a wall-bracket to the backside of the speaker. For every installation-challenge the right solution.

Detachable MgTag grill

The speakers have been equipped with MagTags, very small magnetic plates on the enclosure which keep the metal grill firmly and completely fitting in place. No tools needed, simply take the grill off manually. Ideal for maintenance and adjustment of the Xi-8MKII and Xi-10MKII rotatable horn.

Rotatable 90° x 60° horn

The Xi-8MKII and Xi-10MKII units have a rotatable 90°x60° horn. This makes it possible to place the enclosure vertically or horizontally, without compromising the sound quality. The DAP Logo on the detachable grill can be placed horizontally or vertically as well. This feature enables the ideal installation in any situation.

16 ohm models

The Xi-5MKII and Xi-6MKII are 16 ohm models. This means that these two models are very well suited to use with larger quantities and only one amp. The ideal solution where compact cabinets and a good sound distribution is needed.

High pressure handling

All the Xi-MKII enclosures are equipped with a uniquely designed bass-reflex port. This makes sure that even at high power levels the mechanical movement of the cone stays under control. In combination with the optimized high-pass filter, the new Xi-MKII series of speakers can take a lot of power and reach high sound pressure levels. They can truly stand their ground and will not give in.

Compact subwoofer

The Xi-28B is a compact lightweight subwoofer designed to be combined with the Xi-series top cabinets. The subwoofer is equipped with 2 pcs 8” speakers and needs to be operated with an active crossover. Together with the optional Xi-28B bracket and the recessed Speakon chassis the subwoofer can be installed flat against the wall which makes it very suitable for situations were space is limited. Based on the position of the subwoofer, the logo on the metal grill can be rotated in the desired and matching position.

Available models

From the small compact Xi-5MKII and Xi-6MK, ideal for larger areas and as background speakers, to the Xi-8MKII and Xi-10MKII with the rotatable horn, the Xi-MKII offers the right solution for any installation challenge. The complete Xi-MKII series is available in black and white and can be used as full range cabinets without the need of an additional bass cabinet. The Xi-82B can be added when extra low is needed.
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More info

Highlite International distributes DAP Audio products and the Xi-MKII installation speakers through their dedicated customer-network. Should you require specific information or are interested in becoming a Highlite dealer, then you can leave your company info here or get in touch with us for a personalised offer.