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Drop shipment service

Highlite gives you the option to ship orders directly to your customers with your own logo.

This option is called a “drop shipment” and offers attractive benefits.

The order is sent without Highlite characteristics and, if your logo is on file, it will even look like the package has been shipped from your warehouse because your logo will be on the packing slip!

When you place an order you can let us know if it’s a dropshipment and if it is, to which address it needs to be shipped. A few condition apply:

The package can only be shipped to an address within your country
If you live in the Benelux, your packages can be shipped within this region
This service is only available within the EU
This service is only available if DHL/UPS or Dachser is the carrier
The logo is not necessary but if you want to have your logo on the packing slip, we need you to give us a black and white logo in 900x300 pixels, 300dpi
The dropshipment service is offered to you at no extra cost, the standard shipping cost apply. For more information, please contact our sales department.