Highlite experience day


30 September is the date you should block in your calendar. That is the date when we organise our annual Experience Day event. A day full of product demonstrations, shootouts, workshops, presentations, various masterclasses and, of course, an inviting Hospitality area. If you would like to know what our latest developments and innovations are, then you should not miss the Highlite Experience Day event.

Learn the latest tips and tricks about the Chimp light controllers, play your own tunes on our Odin line array system, get acquainted with Novastar in combination with our well-known DMT LED screens, check out the Infinity Furion and Signature shootouts and let us inform you about our latest additions and developments within Showtec and DAP Audio. In the meantime you can enjoy one of the company-tours, hosted by our founder Mr. Huub de la Haye and vice-president Mr. Patrick Herveille personally.



The only thing we ask from you is that you register beforehand. You can register very easily and free of charge via the Eventbrite button below!

Only with a completed registration you will be able to enter and participate. There will be no need to print and bring the ticket with you. Upon arrival at our headquarters you will receive a personalized admission with your complete schedule on it. Very important: registration is only possible if you have been invited. Only on invite will you be able to register and participate.


And there you have it: an eventful day, packed with interesting workshops, exciting presentations and entertainment info you do not want to miss. Besides, you do not need to worry to go hungry or thirsty. We from the South know about good food and about cold drinks. Come and experience Highlite’s proverbial Hospitality during the Experience day 2019!

You can find a complete overview of all the workshops and events below. Please check it and make your own schedule for this Experience-packed day when you register.


DMT Workshop

DMT Product specialists Mr. Eric Piefer and Mr. Tom Quicken will present various topics regarding different types of DMT Premiere LED screens and their applications. They will also address when and how to use DMT Fibre solutions. You will receive in-depth information about the DMT D1 video mixer in combination with video capture in Arkaos or Resolume with info regarding the latest Arkaos and Resolume updates.

NovaStar workshop

NovaStar designs and develops LED display control solutions for a variety of market applications including entertainment, digital signage and rental. During the presentation our NovaStar Product specialists Mr. Tom Quicken and Mr. Eric Piefer will introduce you to the diverse NovaStar product-range and show you the advantages of the various applications. There will also be time to address any questions you might have, so don’t hesitate to ask them.

Odin Audio Demo

Our Odin-expert Mr. Vincent Smeets arranges live demo-sessions with the Odin line array system. A setup with T-8A satellites and S-218A 2x18” ultra-subwoofers will be at your disposal. You will be informed about the different possibilities of the Odin line array and on how to work with the Ease Focus software to fine-tune your set.

Highlite Experience tour

If you would like to know how it all started with Highlite, how 25 years ago the arrival of one container turned into a company with 150 people, delivering entertainment to 72 countries worldwide and how we have developed our Logistics system to be able to have your order ready and on the round within a couple of hours, then you should definitely take one of the company tours. Our by founder Huub de La Haye and vice-president Patrick Herveille will be your host and they will tell you all about how Highlite became international

Chimp Training

Chimp specialists Mr. Angelo van der Weerden and Mr. Harald Wolf are ready to welcome you to one of the highlite Academy’s Chimp masterclasses. A workshop where you will be operating actively on the Chimp console. Together with our product specialists Angelo and Harald you will follow a complete program that guides you through the console. With practical tips and tricks you know exactly what this piece of equipment is capable of and how easy it is to get in control.

Wentex product presentation

Wentex’s product specialist Mr. Eric Uenk is going to be present the entire day to tell you all about the Pipe & Drape system. The versatile possibilities of the system and the easy setup can be witnessed up close and personal. Mr. Uenk can also tell you all about the availability of various cloths or effect-drapes and will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Learn, Inspire, Connect

Besides the workshops, demos and presentations the Highlite Experience Day offers more possibilities for you to learn, to be inspired or simply to connect to your peers. Be inspired by the ongoing Showtec and DAP Audio showcases where you can learn from our product managers about the latest developments and innovations in entertainment lighting and audio applications. Or be a part of the Infinity Shootouts. Here you can determine for yourself if the Infinity fixtures are as good as we claim they are. Infinity Furion moving heads and the theatre luminaires of the Infinity Signature range will be out to the test. At the Highlite Hospitality Area where you can connect to your peers you can share your experiences and let us know your ideas and views on the entertainment market.

Looking forward to see you! 30 September, Highlite International Headquarters