We are getting our energy mainly by the power of entertainment. It is deeply rooted in our DNA and we get the feeling that "the show must go on". This is why, over the past few years, we made it our top priority to provide a complete range of entertainment solutions. We build these solutions conform the needs and wishes of our customers. Currently, we offer a complete collection of audio, lighting and visual equipment with the corresponding support and service for a proper execution. Of course we keep improving and developing our products to stay ahead of our competition to enable every person and organisation to achieve more!

Here, you'll find all of our recently introduced products that are contributing to the kind of magic people are experiencing by the power of entertainment. Our DAP brand has new DAP EDGE wireless microphones with scan features and passive speakers from the PURE family. Showtec is now offering proper economic solutions for theater and studio lighting by introducing the ACT-series and expanded the LAMPY light controller range for a better control over your LED-show. Last but not least, Showtec added a range of PIXEL products for improving the ambiance of your venue.

Are you interested in our complete range of entertainment equipment solutions or recently added products? Check out our product video's or download our catalogues and find out more!