Frequently asked questions

We’re glad you clicked! Below you will find our FAQs. These will give you a head start when using our new website!

Welcome to our new website. Because we understand that some things work differently now, we want to help you in the best way possible. Below you will find different topics to help you along. In case you run into some bugs, there is also a form to fill in that gives us all the info we need to investigate it. With exception from bugs: Should you have any more questions about the use of our website, please contact your sales representative. 

How do I log in/ reset my password?

Your old profile from has automatically been transferred to this website. From now on you login with your email address instead of your customer number. If you haven’t logged in before, or if you forgot your password, you can get new access to your account when you reset our password. You will receive a link via e-mail and with this you can change your password and access your account.

I did not receive my password reset email or the link doesn’t work

Please check your e-mail spam folder to see if it ended up there. It is possible that a different e-mail address is connected to your account for logging in. You can ask your sales representative to check which e-mail address has to be used for logging in. The password reset link works only once. If you activate it then you have to make a new password immediately. If you haven’t clicked the link before but it still doesn’t work, it is possible the link has expired. Please request a new link. Have you tried everything and does it still not work? Please fill in the form with your details. We will make you a new password. After logging in with this, please change it with the instructions below.

How do I make a new password when logged in?

If you are already logged in, you can find the button ‘your account’ in the menu on the left. On this page you can change your password easily.

How do I put products in my cart?

To put items in your cart, you first have to login to your account. When you are logged in there are multiple ways to order:

  • You can search the items via the search box in the top bar. Here you can type a description, name or product number. You can order directly from the search results or click on a product first and order from there.
  • You can also look for items by looking through the products section and categories. When you find the product you want to order, you can put it in your shopping cart.
  • If you have put items on your wish list, you can add them from the wishlist section in your account.
  • If you want, you can change the amount of items before putting it in your shopping cart.

How do I place an order?

Once you have everything in your cart, you can press the order button.

  • On the following page you can choose a shipping address from the dropdown list or add a new address by pressing the ‘+ New Address’ button.

  • Your shipping method can either be Standard or Drop shipment.

  • On the right side of the page you can find an order summary to check if everything is correct.

  • On the next page you can put a remark about your order. The order reference field is for your own administration

  • On this page you can also check your shipping address or add a discount code.

  • Now you only have to place the order!

What is Quick order and how do I use it?

If you already know the product numbers of the items you want to order, you can easily fill them in on this page. You can also upload a CSV file from your computer with and submit your order via this page.

Where can I find the downloads?

In your account there is a link to the downloads section. To see all the downloads, you have to be logged in.

Where can I find my invoices and credit memos?

After logging in, you can find your invoices and credit memos in the menu on the left or access them from the account dashboard.

What is the difference between remarks and references?

When you are ordering you can use the remark field if you want to clarify something about your order. For example if you want to pick up your order yourself, if you need something changed like your address etc. Anything to get your order processed correctly.
The reference field is for your own administration: to connect our order to your system or you own customers.

Can you keep me up to date when a product is back on stock?

When you are logged in, and you go to a product. You see information about the stock. When there is a red dot indicating it is out of stock, there will also be an option ‘Notify me’. Click this and leave a remark for your own personal administration, for example if you ordered it for a customer. Then press send and we will inform you when the products is back in stock.

How do I report a bug?

If you discover any bugs on this website. You can fill in the form and we will investigate it, if it is an issue. Unfortunately, we are not able to respond to every e-mail individually.
Please provide us with all the info below. Please be concrete when filling in the form, otherwise we will not be able to find and solve the issue.

Feedback form

Please be as concrete as possible. We can not work with descriptions like: 'just fix it, it doesn't work'