Artecta illuminates Pornichet

Artecta illuminates Pornichet

The French city of Pornichet, situated along the Loire River at the Cote d'Amour, has a marina which is connected to the city through a viaduct, the "Boulevard du Port". This 112mtr long viaduct received an illuminating upgrade and our customer T.S.L. from the city of St. Nazaire arranged this.

T.S.L., Technique Son et Lumière, used a lot of IP68-rated Artecta Havana Jade 3000K strip lights and combined them with Meanwell HLG-320H-24 powersupplies. These are rated IP-67 and like the Havana Jade very well equipped to be used outdoors. T.S.L. chose the Havana Jade strips not only because of the IP68 rating but also because the Jade creates an even warm white light spread due to the 120° beam angle and the LED density of 120 LEDs per meter. And this is the result:


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