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All that the crew needs is from Showgear

All that the crew needs is from Showgear

Without the crew, there is no show. Be serious about your job and get your drinks ‘in style’ with the Showgear Case for Beer Bottles!

Events are made by and for people. Showgear aims to be there for everyone who works behind the scenes to make the event happen. That’s why Showgear offers a wide range of products that support you in your job.

Since its first introduction over a year ago, the Showgear Case for Beer Bottles has brought smiles to people’s faces. Whether it’s the bartender because you are fully equipped in event-style with a sturdy flight case instead of a serving tray, or the band or crew because of the refreshments inside, they all can’t help but smile! No wonder the popular flight case went viral and completely sold out on the first day it became available. Stocks have been replenished, so get yours quickly and check out everything else that Showgear has to offer.

From tapes to textiles, from cases to consumables, and from stages to stands, Showgear offers it all – even your tongue-in-cheek Beer Bottle Flight Case!