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Artecta LED Ribbons in German chapel

Artecta LED Ribbons in German chapel

Atmosphere improved with Artecta LED Ribbons.

A chapel with a beautiful wooden ceiling in a retirement home of the diakonia in Soltau, Germany, needed better lighting. SLT Music from neighbouring village Wietzendorf were chosen to take care of it, and they did. Using six Artecta Havana Ribbon 2700K, four Artecta Play-V RF Receivers, the Artecta Play-V RF Remote, 17 Artecta Profile Pro 6 Corner profiles with Endcaps, two Meanwell Power Supply 120W 24 VDC and two Meanwell Power Supply 60W 24 VDC modules, they were able to improve the atmosphere and accentuate the craftmanship of the wooden ceiling. After the lights were installed and the results were approved, there were already thoughts of a follow up order to improve the lighting of the pulpit and the lectern, so that the actors could be seen better in the video transmission of the prayers and worship services.


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