Beach bar Tropicana Mykonos chooses Showtec, Infinity and Antari!

Beach bar Tropicana Mykonos chooses Showtec, Infinity and Antari!

The company Sivko Electronics was contacted by Stamatis Daktylidis to upgrade and replace the lighting at Tropicana Mykonos for the 2020 summer season. 

As for the installation, waterproof fixtures were required to cover the outdoor placements. Therefore, Sivko Electronics selected 24 Showtec Polar 100 LED Beam IP65 moving heads. These fixtures are an excellent choice for outdoor use as they have been engineered for delivering the desired output under any weather condition.

For the indoors area, 35 Showtec Phantom 3R Hybrid moving heads and 14 pieces of Showtec Phantom 60 LED Bar were installed. In addition, 36 pieces of Showtec Maniac FX 7 Beam + Wash LED Bar were chosen, which is truly a two-for-one multi-effect offering the best of both worlds. Moreover, 6 pieces of Showtec Titan Strobe Blaze were added, which completed all the lighting requirements of Tropicana Mykonos.

To give an extra special touch during events, a Co2 set, consisting out of 4 Showtec FX Ice Jet MKII, was placed in the DJ area. Additionally, 2 smoke machines of Antari Z-3000MKII were installed.

The essential tool for handling all these lighting effects was the Infinity Chimp 300G2 & Banana Wing console. Dimitris Salagiannis and Panagiwtis Syndikas did an excellent job installing and programming the lighting equipment and the Chimp 300G2.

George Solakis from Santorini Island made the smooth communication possible between the two parties, making this exciting project come true.

Even though 2020 has been an odd year so far due to Covid-19, one thing is certain, Tropicana Mykonos is ready for a party!


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