Big Bang Event goes live!

Big Bang Event goes live!

Rental company Big Bang Event from Bondoufle France teamed up with Radio FM and created the Digital Tour events. Showtec’s Phantom 3R Beam was there too.

Rental company Big Bang Event from Bondoufle France created a live Digital Tour event. It started 23 May and Sunday 13 June was the final performance. They visited some very amazing places like la Villa Mennecy, Etiolles Country Club and chateau De Farcheville. Several deejay’s and supporting acts took to the stage and entertained all the viewers. During the live gig on Sunday 7 June which was held at Demeure de Campagne Parc du Courdray near Paris DJ Arnaud Simonin and saxophone player Steph Sax teamed up. Arnaud Simonin delivered the beats while Steph Sax accompanied this with live saxophone-solo’s. The people from Big Bang Event arranged this event together with their partner Radio FG.

Big Bang recently invested in the Showtec Phantom 3R Beam and added 16 units to their rental fleet. On their Facebook page they said the following about it: “……The ideal compromise between 5R and 2R now available for rental …….” For the elaborate lighting setup Big Bang used various Showtec Phantom 3R Beams and created a stunning stage. Just see for yourself!


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