Big Fish SRL excited about the Odin line array

Big Fish SRL excited about the Odin line array

The Odin UK Tour is under way, with the first stop in Hawkhurst, Kent. Here our customer Big Fish SRL, with Mr. Steve Hubbard as managing director, tried out the line array system for the first time at the Woodlands Festival that took place 7, 8, and 9 June

Mr Hubbard said he was delighted to be the first company on the tour to use the Odin system. His company supplied all the sound, lighting, and power equipment for this event. His head of Sound, Mr Henry Pearce, had lots of positive things to say: ‘The tops are extremely clear. We had no feedback issues, the system really throws well, and there was loads of bass. It’s a very nice-looking system that folds out very well with the flight cases and wheel boards. It’s great that it’s also networkable. At this event, we decided to ground-stack the system, which worked out very well for us. If you’re thinking of buying a line array system, you must have a listen to this very cost-effective system. The Odin system gets the thumbs up from me.’

There are still several places to visit and opportunities for you to experience the Odin line array system. If you would like to visit or would like to know when the Odin Tour will be near you, please contact Mr David Faulkes at to get any information you require or to make all necessary arrangements.


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