Blauwe As festival in Assen

Blauwe As festival in Assen
Blauwe As festival in Assen

Year: 2017

Location: Assen

Lighting designer: DIA

Production/Rental: DIA

The Blauwe As festival took place in Assen on 15 and 16 September and celebrated the opening of the Blauwe As boat route. The weekend was a celebration of water and music and there were various performances to entertain the crowd. Our client DIA based in Assen, the Netherlands, provided a fantastic show with Showtec and Infinity Products.

Sixteen Infinity iB-16Rs were used on the stage. These hybrid moving heads can be used as a spotlight and as a beam while the RGB LED ring around the lens gives the setup extra dimension. The Phantom 70 LED and various Showtec blinders were also used and two CO2-simulating RGB foggers were placed on the stage. The buildings were illuminated by the Helix 4000.

In a different space underneath the train station, twelve Eventspot 60 Q7s were used. These compact battery-operated fixtures are easy to place and don't need any cables, as the wireless DMX is mounted as standard. The width of the beam can be adjusted as needed via the zoom function.