Capture releases Capture 2020
Capture releases Capture 2020

Capture started in 1994 and has turned into the most commonly used lighting design, visualisation and documentation software in the market. That is what Capture Visualisation is all about. Their main goal was and is to create intuitive software which is easy to use. For our Infinity Chimp light controllers the Capture software is the perfect addition to visualize your live show before it actually goes live. You can check every aspect, every fixture, effect, change in colour and more and now Capture has upgraded their software.

Tuesday 10 March they released their latest version: Capture 2020. About the new release, Capture says the following: “For Capture 2020 our focus has been on the core lighting design functionality of Capture. We are introducing fixture groups and a new dedicated 'focus plane' tool. We have also improved on fixture data management in general. All this is put to use in the reworked report editor which now makes it possible to create virtually any type of report. Improved visualisation and rendering performance combined with automated rendering quality brings extra horsepowers ensures that your hardware is used to its full potential.”

If you are already a user of Capture 2019, request a quotation now from our sales department for an upgrade to 2020.

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