Castle of Love presents
Castle of Love presents "The Quest"

The city of Kerkrade, in the south of the Netherlands, welcomed the EDM-festival "Castle of love" for the 13th time. This two day festival is situated around the "Castle of Erenstein" and had as theme "The Quest". On this quest you could find more than 70 national and international performers and deejays who really got the party started.

Our long term partner Purple group was asked to arrange the lightshow for some of the stages and they brought light designer Mr. Dennis But in. Dennis designed his lightshows for the Mainstage and the Urban stage, using a lot of Showtec, Infinity and DMT products. He incorporated DMT Pixelscreens P5,9SMD Tour version in combination with the DMT LS-125 MKII processor, DMT Pixelmesh E12,5 screens with the same LS-125 MKII processor and a DMT SD-8 Signalsitributor, Showtec audience blinders with outdoordomes and raincovers, which were necessary during the event because it rained almost non stop for two days. Infinity was present with the iM-2515 RGBW Matrix, 16 units of iB-16R Hybrid moving heads which can be used as spot, beam and wash effect. To top everything off he used some Infinity iW-720 RGBW Wash units. If you put all these units together with the creativity of a great light designer, then you will get the following result:

Project: Castle of love "The Quest"
Production: Purple group
Light designer: Mr. Dennis But

41560 12pcs Iinfinity iW-2515
41532 16pcs Infinity iB-16R Hybrid
41524 8pcs Infinity iW-720
30742 Showtec Audience blinder
71300 8pcs Showtec Outdoor dome
71310 16pcs Showec Raincovers
101550 8pcs DMT Pixelscreen P5,9SMD Tour
101603 2pcs DMT LS-125 MK2 LED processor
101390 24pcs DMT Pixelmesh E12,5
101419 1pcs DMT SD-8 Signaldistributor