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Chimp discovery introduction

Chimp discovery introduction

The Highlite Academy has expanded the range of Chimp training courses with a third module: the Chimp
Discovery Event. With this addition, Highlite Academy offers a complete training program for all levels of
knowledge. The offer is now as follows:

Chimp Discovery Event: specifically intended for everyone who has never worked with a Chimp or with a
light controller at all. A complete "back-to-basics" event in which the controller, its most basic functions
and the corresponding terminology are explained.

Beginner's course: you already master the basic terminology and you are familiar with the most commonly
used functionalities in the light world. You will learn how to program, make groups, apply different features
and our product specialists will show you different tips and tricks.

Advanced course: this course is meant for the experienced professional. The Advanced module provides
more in-depth information about fine-tuning the show and the use of versatile, improved features. Topics
such as addressing effects or movements, the use of magic sheets or inter-console networking are all

The various Chimp trainings are given by our own product specialists in the Chimp showroom and are
available in Dutch or German. Look here for availability and course dates.




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