Software update Chimp G2

Software update Chimp G2

The development of the Chimp software is an ongoing process. With each update new functionalities are added to the Chimp light controller. The Chimp software designers are working on various new features. One of these features is the “Multi fixture” which takes a little longer than expected to develop. That is why we removed the current fixture patch limitation in the Chimp OS with the 1.11 update.

The latest Chimp software version 1.11 is now available as free download for all Chimp units and all Chimp users. The 1.11 update provides the following adaptations and additions:

  • Optimisation of the USB driver making it much faster to find and load data onto USB sticks.
  • Optimisation of the graphical interface to enhance graphic performance.
  • Improving the DHCP stability.
  • Removing the restrictive fixture count on the Chimps.
  • Adding the possibility of transmitting sACN, Streaming ACN.
  • Addition of OSC which enables using an iPad APP to control the Chimp.

You can find the free download here or simply connect the Chimp directly to the internet and use the internet update feature in the setup menu. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to have a look onto the Chimp forum or contact us.



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