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Club Delilah Nights - Sivko Electronics Greece

Club Delilah Nights - Sivko Electronics Greece

Mr. Poulis Kostas, owner from our Greek distributor Sivko Electronics was asked to deliver various Infinity and
Showtec fixtures to three of the most successful clubs in the Ladadika district in the city of Thessaloniki. The owner
of the clubs Delilah Nights, Myna the Place and Jangäl received the perfect addition for his venues. They have been
equipped with more than 40 Infinity’s iFX-615, Showtec Octostrip MKII units, Phantom 130 Moving heads and
Showtec’s Strobe Titan Blaze. Thousands of people are entertained in these three clubs on a nightly basis. Lighting
designer, Mr. Dimitris Salagiannis from the Delilah Nightclub, received stunning results. He combined the full,
saturated colours and great gobos of the Infinity iFX-615 with the chases of the Octostrips and created some very
special effects. The results were astonishing.



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