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DMT PS4.6N LED panels support Sand Wizard Show

DMT PS4.6N LED panels support Sand Wizard Show

30 Panels produce 1 big screen.

DPL Licht, Geluid & Multimedia provided 30 panels of Highlite’s DMT Premiere Series PS4.6N 50×100 cm LED panels to supportDe Zandtovenaar (“the Sand Wizard”) during his performance on the outside stage of a family show in December 2019, located in Hardenberg, The Netherlands. The 30 panels were set up to build one big screen measuring 5×3 meters (16.4 × 10 ft) on which the artist’s live generated art telling the Christmas story was displayed for the whole market to see. Thousands had crowded the area, but all were able to follow the performance due to the bright PS4.6N array of rugged panels.


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