“Entropy” From idea to reality
“Entropy” From idea to reality

Turning imagination into reality takes a lot more than you might think. Having an idea and actually make it happen, make it tangible, is a team effort, combining knowledge, expertise and technology into one show.

Our light designer had an idea and contacted the people from Welzen Studios to complete the concept: “Entropy, A journey from chaos into equilibrium”. They came up with the design and execution of the huge planet plus aura, the meteors, planets and the jellyfish. Combine all this with perfect visuals, lights, special effects and sounds and imagination becomes reality.

For this new show more than 100 different Infinity fixtures were used. Especially the Infinity Furion B401 with 28pcs plays a big part in the entire setup, producing razorsharp beams through the unique colour bump functionality. About 50 different Infinity Spots and 20 Infinity Wash units were also incorporated in the design. The Planet in the center is illuminated by 2 Infinity Signature TS260-C7 profile engines for creating the basic colour and feel by using the built-in spectrum matching colour filters. To get an extra dimension and movement with gobos and animation wheel on the centerplanet and aura we’ve used 4 Furion S601 Spots. 2 on the planet and 2 more with the circular gobo to cut out the aura and leave the planet in the dark. Illuminating the Planet from these different angles made it more organic.

Showtec delivered more than 320 luminaires and effect machines. The most eye-catching Showtec product in the current show is the Illumilift Turbo. They were used to depict meteors, small planets and the amazing swarm of jellyfish. The Turboversion was used because the effects had to take place during various short blackout moments and speed was of the essence. The Turboversion also uses 35cm LED spheres and covers a height of 6mtr which made this unit perfect to arrange the desired effect.

The combination of the various light effects with specific visuals which Welzen Studios arranged, is perfect. They designed and produced the ideal visuals to complete the story. With a setup of more than 150 DMT LED screens, divided over E6, E8 and E3.9 screens in a 3D-build, the story unfolds.

Besides a setup with various Xi-speakers all around the showroom, the sound image was generated by and completed with Odin. The line array system consisted of 8 T-8A satellites with matching 6 S-18A subwoofers and was upgraded with the new SF-12A full range 2-way active sidefills. The sidefills are used to add another dimension to the powerful Odin sound.

22 CM Lodestar 1000kg electrical hoists are used throughout the showroom with 300m2 of black backdrops in different lengths and about 300mtr of black powdercoated trusses. All items which are unseen but very important to the entire show.

All this to get from "Entropy" to "Equilibrium".