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Euroka collaborates with Highlite for Walibi’s Kondaa coaster

Euroka collaborates with Highlite for Walibi’s Kondaa coaster

For Walibi Belgium’s steel coaster Kondaa, lighting-specialised company Euroka and installer Black Squares have implemented a large number of products from Showtec, a brand of Highlite, to generate the right ambience for the ride area. They have chosen Showtec’s Cameleon Floodlights, Helix S5000 Q4 washers, Spectral LED Pars, and Candela Pixel Bars to light the attraction in line with the new themed space within the “Exotic World” part of the second largest theme park in Benelux.

Walibi Belgium is a large theme park near Brussels that is continuously updating and improving its visitor experience. In 2021, Walibi opened Kondaa, a steel roller coaster that reaches speeds of 113 km/h. For the lighting design of the Kondaa area, Walibi turned to long-time project partner Euroka, a specialised lighting company based in Luxembourg. Owner Mathieu Gistelinck, also independent Sales Representative at Highlite International, collaborated with Benjamin Piccin from Black Squares in Luxembourg to design, install, and program the lighting for the Kondaa area. By using numerous fixtures from Showtec, they were able to combine quality and quantity, and implement a lot of lights in the project, while still staying within the budget and delivery times.

In the outside area, the fiery ambiance is created using a total of 11 Showtec Helix S5000 Q4 flood lights. The ancient look and feel of the ride area is highlighted with lots of Showtec Spectral fixtures that are strategically scattered over the place, accentuating objects, emulating fires and burning torches, and giving visitors the feeling that they are walking right into an ancient village. Cameleon Flood lights illuminate the two bridges in white and colour. Helix S5000 Q4 washes and Spectral spots are lighting up different statues, the main entrance of the ride, and the shop entrance. A few Showtec Candela Pixel bars, used as wall washers, add additional accents in the outside area. Several Showtec Cameleon Flood fixtures are integrated into the rocky scenery and surroundings, almost hidden. They add to the ambient lighting as well.

Once inside, Showtec Profile Mini fixtures illuminate the walking path. Again, we see the Candela Pixel Bars, now used to light up walls and artwork. Inside the coaster train station, we find several Spectral PC 600Z fixtures creating an ominous ambience.

Behind the scenes, a main and backup Showtec DR-Pro Rack DMX recorder are taking care of everything. The Showtec DMX Merge automatically selects the backup controller as the main DMX source, if necessary. Two Showtec Booster Pro DMX splitters and boosters assist the controllers.

In total, 11 Helix S5000 Q4, 13 Spectral M1500 Zoom Q4 MKIII, 5 Spectral M3000 Zoom Q4, 5 Spectral PC 600Z, 5 Spectral PC 400Z, 18 Candela Pix 100, 2 Candela Pix 50, 5 Cameleon Flood 15 WW, 5 Cameleon Flood 6 Q4, 4 Cameleon Flood 6 WW, 4 Cameleon Spot Q4, and 7 Performer Profile Mini fixtures illuminate the Kondaa attraction. Additionally, dedicated beam shapers, diffusors, gobos, and zoom lenses confine and direct the light exactly to where the designers want it.

With Showtec’s Helix S5000 Q4 and Cameleon range of flood lights, the Candela Pix range of pixel bars, and Spectral range of IP65-rated LED spots, the results are nothing less than spectacular, resulting in a very satisfied customer and a lot of new project assignments for Euroka at Walibi. All parties are quite adamant that these products from Showtec are not the last ones they will implement!