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Experience day 2018 was a great success.
Experience day 2018 was a great success.
After last year’s first Experience day, it was clear that we just had to organize a second edition. We set the date, we sent out the invitations, you registered and you came en masse. To experience a day filled with information, workshops and presentations. To ask questions, to get informed and share your own valuable input as well. In a relaxed atmosphere, discussing with your entertainment industry-peers, taking the exclusive company-tour, to check out the brand-new light show in our showroom or simply enjoy good old hospitality in our theatre café. The response we had was overwhelming. Each and every workshop received a lot of attention which was motivation enough for our entertainment professionals and product specialists to give their utmost best.

Thank you for visiting us, your enthusiasm and your valuable input. We hope that not only you had a good time during our Experience day but picked up new insights on various aspects of this interesting industry that we are in.

With great satisfaction and a sense of pride we can look back at this years’ very successful Experience Day. We again had the opportunity to showcase various workshops, product presentations and ask for your professional opinion at the Odin shoot-out. We were very happy to welcome you all to our headquarters and hope that you had a productive, informative and most importantly fun day. See you again for the 3rd edition of our Experience Day in 2019.