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Fieberbrunn Odin installation

Fieberbrunn Odin installation

Last year, P3 Event from Fieberbrunn, Austria, contacted Warmlight GmbH & Co KG from Hinterglemm to arrange an audio system for the entertainment during the snow season. In order to do so, they acquired 16 Odin T-8A Satellites, 6 double subwoofers Odin S-218 and 2 sidefills SF-12 to cover the whole location.

The result is a stunning stage surrounded by snow and a powerful audio system that brought the party up in the magnificent Alps. 

For this project, our Odin specialist Vincent Smeets traveled to the location in order to help with the installation and provided the EASE Focus calculations in order to cover the sound for the whole location.

This configuration is based on 8 satellites Odin T-8A per side to have as best and far coverage as possible in the ski slope. To cover the first rows in front of the stage 2 sidefills Odin SF-12 were added as infills.

The degree angles of the satellites were as well adapted to the height and space of the fixed installation point on the outdoor stage so that it would fit the construction of the old system.

For the subs, a delicate and precise set up was required, which would prevent the powerful Odin S-218 from reaching hotels and bars around the outdoor stage, yet providing a powerful output for the area to cover. In order to meet this requirement, 3 stack configurations of 2 S-218 each were added  next to each other as this results in a good coupling between the subs for getting a coverage for many meters and preventing a wide radiation.

Last but not least, our Odin specialist recommended keeping the system powered the whole year in order to prevent moisture from getting into the amplifier boards. This system works flawlessly in every snowy or sunny situation!


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